You can see the full tutorial here, or you can choose one of the sections to see each functionality, separately.


On the main page of CaptureBase you can scan a new batch and open existing batches.


CaptureBase Main Page

New Batch

This is an automatically generated batch. It works as the process of scanning.

Menu Items

Choose one of the menu items and learn their meaning


Remove and Rotate Pages

Remove pages and documents temporarily with one click.
Rotate pages in any direction.


Document Profile

Document Profiles make your scanning easier and faster. They can be predefined with many parameters according to your needs, such as output and input types, automatic document creation and many more.

Scan Profile

Scan Profiles are directly connected to the Document Profiles. They hold information for the way of input, such as specific scanners,  the way they export the pages and all the information a scanner can hold.

Export CSV files

Besides the regular documents, you can generate CSV files for storing your data.

Output Types

Choose between image output or PDF.


Request a License

With a simple form, inside the application you can request a license, which suits you most. 
Also, you can do it here.

Validate the License

After you have received a license, you can validate it.